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Whether it is through the post or an e-mail, we would love to hear from you! Our students also love to write and receive letters.  Those who are sponsored write to their sponsor families at least 2x a year.  Those who are not sponsored are entered into our pen-pal program.  This helps us to ensure all children receive a letter so that there are no sad eyes on communication days.  
Our Ugandan Postal Address is a good place to send packages and letters if you want them to be delivered quickly or directly. 

*Not always able to ensure the delivery of packages unless you send via certified mail.* 

Boanerges Deaf Initiative     
P.O. Box 26178 
Kampala, Uganda 
East Africa
Our American Postal Address is a good place for inquiries and business mail.  Also a good place to send letters or packages if you don't want to buy a world stamp or to ensure delivery.

Slower delivery if the end destination is Uganda. *Please do not send large/heavy packages or gifts*  
Boanerges Deaf Initiative 
168 Onondaga Trail 
Hedgesville WV 25427 
United States of America

If it is on your heart to help serve the Deaf of Uganda with an ongoing or one-time financial gift, please click the button above.
Thank you for your support!
Contact Us
Please use this form to e-mail us about ANYTHING!  Do you have a question?  Suggestion?  Want to learn more about a particular aspect of our ministry?

Feel free to drop your ideas into our general mailbox by filling out the form or emailing We will respond as soon as we are able.