Current Semester News
Term 3
Now that the rains are heavy we focus on indoor projects while we wait for the sunshine again. Don't worry! We will soon resume making bricks for our ongoing construction projects. While all of our students are preparing for year-end exams, our P.7 students are studying hard for their national examinations! These exams will determine if they can continue onto secondary education. Did you know our students take the exact same exams as the hearing schools? We are so proud of our young people who are rising above adversity through education!  

Term 2
A highlight of this term was a Medical Missions visit! All students and staff received individualized medical and dental care. We also had a GREAT time performing in skits for our parent visitation day and in a local cultural event. We hope you enjoy these pictures! 

Term 1
Term 1 is going strong! Classes started in February. Our campus underwent various upgrades. New faces joined our campus. We hope you enjoy the images below!

Term 3 

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Exam Time!!!
Students are studying hard for upcoming tests. The P7 Students are studying for National Exams. We have found that when one student demonstrates knowledge and understanding of a particular topic, that student can be helpful in sharing that understanding with their peers. Here we have a picture of a Student Re-Teaching the lesson for that class period.  

Parent Visitation
Parents are welcome to come visit their children at anytime. However, we encourage all parents who are willing to come to Visitation Day. Our students are proud of their school and proud of their hard work. They enjoy seeing each other's families as well as telling family stories and asking questions. 

When a parent does choose to visit, that child becomes overjoyed, so we make a big deal of these days when they happen!
Parent Visitation
Our students also displayed our mealtime routine to their parents. They sing, dance, and pray, thanking God for many things as well as collecting prayer requests.
Our students collected White Ants to share during visitation day. Here you see some students foraging for white ants which they will then pan fry without oil and serve alongside of the evening meal. 
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