Our School: Building a Future Brick by Brick
Past, Present, and Future
BDI has evolved over the time.  Our buildings and locations may have changed but the mission has remained the same!  We are thankful for where we have been.  We are excited about where we are, and we are hopeful for where we are headed. 

We are fundraising to continue construction of our new school.  $85,000 is the current goal.  This will complete the remaining phases of construction!  Please pray we are able to meet this goal.  

“God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply.”
― Hudson Taylor 
BDI Started under the shade of a tree in 2003. If you would like to read the full testimony of our director please **click here**.  In 2012 we moved our school to the outskirts of Kampala.  Our facilities were satisfactory for the students we served.  God blessed our ministry so we took on more and more children.  Soon we realized we were at an enrollment cap.  BDI had to start turning away children and it broke our hearts!  Young people were denied the ability to learn a language, receive an education, hear about the love of Jesus, and find belonging within the Deaf community simply because we had no space.  This is when we began really fundraising for the new school!

In 2013 we were gifted a 5 acre plot of land where we began to lay the foundations of what would become our current school location.  After 3 years of "official" fundraising, we moved February 2018 from our tiny buildings in the busy city to our spacious buildings to a rural village.  Our kids now have space to play, run, learn, and grow!!!  

We do not know what the next chapter of our story holds but we invite you to come along with us.  Check back for more construction developments.  Pray with us for our continued fundraising.  Partner with us financially.  Together we will build a future: Brick By Brick.

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