Teachers: More than just teaching
Our Teachers are a very valuable part of our School and overall mission.  Without the care, guidance, love, and instruction from these dedicated adults, our School would cease to exist!  Teachers become pseudo-parents as some of our children do not get love or affirmation in their homes.

Please consider sponsoring a teacher.  If you cannot sponsor a teacher please pray!  You could send a note of encouragement as well.  Your financial support, letters, and prayers all work together to give stability to these wonderful people who give of themselves daily for the benefit of our students.  
$60.00 USD sponsors one teacher for one month.
Teachers often have their own children and families to support.  Your sponsorship ensures they can provide for themselves, pay for transportation to/from BDI, and other normal costs of daily life. 
Collins Mulindwa
Mathematics and Uganda Sign Language. Click to see his introduction.
Jovia Namulondo
P1 Teacher of Math, English, Lit 1, & Lit 2.
Click to learn her Sign Name.  
Latifah Anakato

Teaching English and Mathematics to P6 and P7 students

Click to see her introduction.
Kitiibwa Ibrahim
Teaching English to P6 and P7 students.
Click to see his introduction.
Rebecca Namutosi
Teaching R.E. and English to level P.4 & P.5 students. 
Click to learn her Sign Name.
Brenda Nassuna
Teaching R.E. to level P6 and P7 students
Click to learn her Sign Name.
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