Pen Pal Ministry
The Pen Pal ministry was created when we noticed the  sad faces of the children without sponsors. These kids got no letters on Correspondence Days. No words of encouragement for them to keep tucked under their pillows. No one to write to and no one to draw a picture for. We still have a shortage on Correspondence Days.  
YOU can help us! Please write a letter to one of the #BDIKids! This is a no cost way to encourage our students to study hard and do their best! 

Please share information like;
  • Where you live.
  • Who lives in the house with you.
  • What type of food you like to eat.
  • What you/your family likes to do for fun. 
  • What animals may live in your home.
  • We would love for you to include a picture of your family.  
Please e-mail your letters to or mail them to either address on our *CONTACT PAGE* Be sure to include a mailing address because our kids LOVE to write letters back!
Contact Us
Please use this form to e-mail us about ANYTHING!  Do you have a question?  Suggestion?  Want to learn more about a particular aspect of our ministry?

Feel free to drop your ideas into our general mailbox by filling out the form or emailing  We will respond as soon as we are able.