Sponsorship is THE way we provide care, services, and education to the Deaf of Uganda.  We run our non-profit solely on the kindness of others around the world as we work to become more self-sustainable.  Please pray about how you can help us in our mission to change the culture of Uganda one life at a time.

Without teachers and support staff, there would be no one to care for the children at our school. Click to visit our teachers page and learn more.
The focus of our organization is the Deaf youth of Uganda. We know that these young people will grow up to change their world and the face of Deafness in their communities. Click to visit our students page and learn more. 
New School Fundraiser

We are in the middle of building our new school. We never want to have to turn away a student because we lack the space. To support our construction efforts please click to visit our fundraising page and share it with your friends!
One-time donations hold a special place in our hearts.
They are unexpected provisions that allow us to fill in budget holes and attend to needs which may have been put on the "back burner". We understand the challenges that can come with reoccurring monthly sponsorships. Please do not think any donation is too small. Many single drops of water make up an ocean!
 Thank you for supporting us in our mission.
One-Time Donation Opportunities
Below are some "low-or-no" cost ways to support our mission of helping #BDIKids Rise Above Adversity Through Education

Support BDI by buying things you ALREADY purchase online! This is a ZERO cost way to support our work. Click the picture above then search our name "Boanerges Deaf Initiative". 
By searching and selecting us as your benefit organization, BDI will receive a percentage of your total Amazon purchases!   
General Fund

With our PayPal partnership you are able to "add a note" to the donation. Use this area if you have a preferred project or area of the budget you would like your support to fund. If nothing is specified, we will apply it to general budget needs.      
Amazon Charity Wish-List

Donate something off our Amazon Charity wishlist to be delivered to BDI by our volunteers & interns. They have space in their bags for up to 100lbs every time they visit! 
Contact Us
Please use this form to e-mail us about ANYTHING!  Do you have a question?  Suggestion?  Want to learn more about a particular aspect of our ministry? 
Feel free to drop your ideas into our general mailbox by filling out the form or emailing Fundraising.BDI@gmail.com  We will respond as soon as we are able. 
*CLICK HERE* for our mailing addresses.