Go Beyond. 

We know that International Mission Work is not for everyone.  However, our school is always in need of volunteers.  Maybe you feel called to lead a medical team wishing to gain field experience and help beyond your neighborhood!    Maybe you are in Deaf Education wishing to help equip our teachers with even more tools and ideas which will reach our students in new ways.  Come hold a workshop!  Maybe you are a builder or contractor with tools, techniques, and expertise that will enable us to build our new school faster!  Maybe you just love kids and want to come show our kids they are valuable!  We welcome any and all visitors.  We know that stepping outside of your comfort zone will change your life forever.  Maybe you can help us achieve our mission in a personal way.  
Contact Us
Please use this form to e-mail us about ANYTHING!  Do you have a question?  Suggestion?  Want to learn more about a particular aspect of our ministry? Want to sign up for our upcoming 2019 mission trip as a VOLUNTEER?
Feel free to drop your ideas into our general mailbox by filling out the form or emailing Fundraising.BDI@gmail.com  We will respond as soon as we are able.