Students: The next generation
P5 Class
 These older students enjoy being role models for the younger students at our school.  They love writing letters and are a very creative bunch when it comes to crafting time.  
$33.00 USD Sponsors 1 student for 1 month. 
That is about $1 a day!
Sharifa Naggayi
Girl. Age 13. 
Frank Nawakana
Boy. Age 12. 
Paul Ecatu
Boy. Age 14.
Umar Masana
Boy. Age 13.
Denis Bamujje
Boy. Age 18.
Sharifah Nabagala
Girl. Age 17.
Esther Ajemo
Girl. Age 15.
Annet Nyana
Girl. Age 17.
Male Muswabu
Boy. Age 14.
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