Students: The next generation
P7 Class 

These guys and gals have almost achieved it! They aspire to pass their national exams so they may go on to Secondary School specifically for Deaf Students. (High School ) 

There was a time when many of our students stopped at this level. Thanks to partner organizations and individual sponsorships, our graduating students now have this option!! Some of our students choose to go into the work field after completing P7. 
$33.00 USD Sponsors 1 student for 1 month. 
That is about $1 a day!

Our long term goals include creating our own secondary school as well as a trade school for our graduating students.
Peace Afoyorwoth
Girl. Age 16. 
Kenneth Kabalimi
Boy. Age 16.
Jackson Ssembajjwe
Boy. Age 15.
Eric Kasirye
Boy. Age 16.
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